You can listen to my dulcit tones as I read the blog.

Over the last few weeks I have had several high profile discussions with political leaders.

I really enjoy pointing them to a new understanding of how life works, an understanding that has both the potential and the hope to raise the consciousness of individuals and nations, to elevate them above war, famine, greed and hatred. Knowing this understanding will help political leaders illuminate their awareness towards a wellbeing that has no end and just a beautiful knowing that everything is and always will be OK no matter what our circumstances are. An understanding that the human race has simply forgotten; an understanding that will evolve humanity to new levels of consciousness, effortlessly once known and understood.

A bold conversation indeed some say …

I have these conversations because I can’t stop myself . I have been quietly undertaking a self funded campaign to bring the Principles to leaders for the past two years building friends, advocates and supporters who both can see the potential for humanity and who have now experienced it personally for themselves.

But something really shifted last week in how I communicate that message.

It revealed itself to me in a bold, profound and certain way as I sat in the Scottish Parliament mid conversation completely hijacking my ensuing discussions in the Parliament and the businesses I was delivering training to that day and ever since. It was subtle, quick and delightful. I fell in love.

 Yeah I know it sounds kindof weird but let me explain.

And for the record it wasn’t the Politician I was sitting in front of…. I fell in love with the very strange experience I was having whilst sitting in front of him. An experience that allowed me to see my all of my thinking playing out in front of me in the first few minutes that we spoke together, whilst my stomach was in knots and my heart was pounding in my chest. You see even though all of this was happening something inside of me recognised that it was a useful experience and I was to do nothing and to let it run its course. By doing this within a few minutes I had fallen in love with this experience because it had shown me yet again to trust in the unknown of any conversation, event or happening and speak from my heart. My conversation became clearer, bolder and more profound when I started to hold this experience lightly.

“I told him I was looking for politicians that were not afraid to be pioneers, who were content with being a lone voice at first in a sea of disbelievers with invested interests. I told him this was a chance for Scotland to lead the world and continue their humanistic policies with a modern psychology that gave people their mental health back firmly in their own hands and gently asked him was he what I was looking for?”

He smiled and told me he was in….

As per usual when we let go of what we think we have to say and let the feeling of our certainty in this understanding of The Three Principles carry us forward some pretty amazing things happen.


What if we all became more certain, bold and more profound in our understanding of how life really works?

Who knows but maybe it’s time to find out !!!!

Please consider purchasing the webinar series to help support our campaigning and if you are interested in working with political leaders but just don’t know where to start please get in touch.

Take care,be naughty and let life flow through you.

All my love,