Last weekend I held one of my Gatherings in my home in Scotland with Ami Chen Mills. People came together from across the UK to listen and learn.

The aim of the Gatherings is to bring a small group of 3 Principles Teachers and students together in an intimate space to take a deep dive into various topics that help us learn to live and share this understanding more fully in our day to day lives.

Over the past year I have led and participated in these wonderful gatherings. I have watched strangers come into my home who then leave as incredible friends. Human beings who came to learn become souls together resting on my sofa searching for truth. Whatever way I look at it the Gatherings in my home have become one of my favourite ways to teach and learn more about the principles.

Today as you read this I will be hosting something really special. My eldest daughter’s boyfriend Craig is a prison officer and has worked in several of Scotland’s toughest jails. Craig is a beautiful soul. He looks scary on the outside with his wonderful red beard and multitude of tattoos but inside he is a really lovely human being. When I think of Craig I imagine him owning a day care centre playing with kids all day and having fun with them all. His heart is open, giving and kind. But that isn’t what Craig does all day. He works in a jail in Scotland. The stories of life as a prison officer he has shared with me are incredible, gruesome and sad. Prison officers have taken their own lives, others have died at an early age due to stress and illness and many sabotage their lives by drinking, and eating excessively, taking drugs and gambling just to not feel what they are thinking.

I first started to talk with Craig about this understanding a few years ago, just in conversation. He spoke with Chip briefly at the first Scottish Parliament event I held in Scotland too. Craig heard a truth and something kept him looking in this direction. I think one of the cutest moments ever was hearing that Craig had called Megan one day to ask her if she had heard my latest podcast because a new one was out. I laughed so hard when Megan told me this story because her response was priceless….” Jeez its my mom I know what she goes on about all the time” lol….

Craig’s behaviour under stress naturally became different so much so his friends and bosses began to notice and he effortlessly began to share what he had seen. And like many of us he really couldn’t articulate what was happening to him and has had the grace to keep looking in this direction and wait for the words to find him.

I worked with Craig to try and get into the local prison to share this understanding but they are currently assessing their services and at this point did not feel they wanted to take on any more new services. I wanted to share with the officers not because I thought I believed they were needing fixed or I needed to help them but because I had a strong feeling I wanted to follow to be of service and share truth.

So because the prisons were not willing to let me in I decided to invite the prison officers to my home today to share what I have seen and have Craig be my co teacher. The Three Principles Foundation are supporting my work and have generously donated books, cd’s and a dvd and will work with me over the next few months as I develop this programme further. Thank you Elsie and Chip.

I am so looking forward to this gathering today we will share, learn and eat together in my home. Learning what is true for us and learning what we no longer need to believe in.

As we gather and have gathered previously in my home with other principles teachers and students one thing has become apparent. In reality we may all gather today but we can really only meet ourselves.

And that is the invitation we are always being given. To meet ourselves.

The next Gathering at my home is with myself and Judy Sedgeman if you are interested in attending please just click here and send me an email and I will forward the details to you.

Until next time

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you

All my love