Written into the human design is a wonderful trip switch just like the ones that protect us from electrical issues in our homes but most of us don’t even know it exists. We should get to know about this switch as it allows us to distinguish between real life problems and mood related speed bumps. It is or inner guidance system, our wisdom or instinct.

Don’t get me wrong we all have issues in life to contend with and sometimes access to the trip switch is more apparent than others. However, how we experience life is very much related to what kind of mood we are in.

Our moods are just a fact of life. Sometimes we are in a good mood and sometimes we are in a bad mood. Our state of mind and our moods fluctuate throughout the day.

That is part of the human design.

Over the years I have become familiar with my moods. My high moods have certain characteristics as do my low moods and knowing what they feel like has been invaluable. In a high state of mind I am carefree, unbothered and extremely patient. In a low mood I am a bitch. I am impatient, judge-mental and opinionated.

A while back when driving my car down a narrow road I met a driver coming up the hill. Neither of us could move and one of us was going to have to give way to the other one. I was harassed. I had just got the girls safely to school and I was late for a meeting. I was not in the best of moods. I wasn’t going to move for him and it was obvious he wasn’t going to move for me either. So we both sat there for what seemed like an eternity in our grumpy low moods. Then something happened that surprised me. He got out a book, ceremoniously flipped the pages open above the dashboard so that I could see him and started reading his book.

What happened surprised me.

I burst out laughing.

What a brilliant way to diffuse the situation. So I moved and let him pass. Both of us smiling, knowing he had completely “won”. On this occasion I had flipped from a low mood to a high mood in a few moments. I was defensive and aggressive and became light hearted and open in a heartbeat. Something inside of me flicked the switch protecting me from myself and probably from him!

I saw in that moment that most if not all of my personal problems and issues are related to the mood I am in when they appear in my life.

It always surprises me how many people including professionals don’t fully understand the role our moods have in our lives. Moods can play havoc with our day to day experience until we understand them. We can wake up in the morning and feel life is wonderful after a great night’s sleep or wake up with a hangover completely tortured by life. One minute we can look at our partners and be totally in love with who they are and then the next minute visions of them being tied to a spinning board and knife throwing can seem like a good idea!

Low moods are no fun but you can protect yourself from them.

The mood itself isn’t the problem it is how you think about it that becomes the problem. If you are in a low mood and you don’t react to it you can easily keep a clearer view of life by making allowances for what you are seeing and feeling.

However if you trust in your low moods and react to them you will find that that is the time in your life when arguments, disagreements and depressing things happen. Life just feels more predictable when you understand how your moods play out in your day to day living.

This fact alone has been invaluable in bringing up my daughters and I wish I had known this simple fact when I was their age. I am continually in awe of the way they recognize that their moods are impacting on how they are feeling about life and I am forever amazed at how they self correct and become gentle with themselves. They have figured out how their moods feel and they can guide themselves to a better resting place than feeling bad about life until the mood passes.

I encourage my clients to understand how their moods affect the way they see the problems and issues that arise in their lives too. After all it can become quite exhausting trying to analyse everything. The trick is in knowing that our moods cloud or brighten our experience of life and becoming clearer about this allows a gentler experience of life to unfold.

The best thing to remember is that our moods fluctuate, they come and go just like the weather. So just be patient and know that “This to shall pass”.

Please let me know how you get on.

Until next time.

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you

All my love


See you soon