So Donald Trump is the newly elected President of the USA and the world has gone into meltdown. Markets are crashing and people are in hysterics about the possible ramifications of this decision. Cast back your attention to Brexit and the Scottish Independence Referendum. Political stramashes with different but similar financial and relationship difficulties. Life goes on. For some it gets harder for others easier. We all have our part to play in this game whether it is helping someone who needs it or doing something else for the greater good of humanity and our planet. But living in insecure thinking imagining all sorts of things that could possibly happen in the future will paralyse you with fear and cause you to make decisions from an insecure mind. Not a great place to live your life from.

Over the past few months if not years political activities and results have really stirred up the melting pot. The media and various political leaders are good at getting humans to react, become scared and turn against one another. They have been highly trained to casually utilise and integrate ambiguous content ,conversational hypnosis and embedded commands within their speeches and writing to trigger reactions in you which can only be triggered In You by You.

Consider this ……. busy minded people being fueled with hateful images and dialogue becoming scared and unable to gain clarity on anything so they begin to operate from a fearful place with a strong foundation in insecure thinking.

During this election campaign whether you agree with it or not people are talking, communicating and discovering what sounds like truth to them. They are wakening up. That can only be a good thing. For decades a large proportion of citizens involvement in political decisions has been apathetic and uninvolved but now they are engaged whether you agree with their decisions or not.

It is now time for us to look at the common ground available for all of us.

As human beings we are evolving beyond the limits of our 5 senses and are becoming increasingly able to pick up on information that was previously unseen to us. We must look to this common ground to adapt and evolve. Noticing how understanding our interior life can lead us all to our authentic paths and power to lead and change the world. That is the direction we should be looking in towards a world full of hope and not fear.

Back to the title of this blog and the clever ones amongst you will know that there is no here and there is no there. There is only now, this present moment of time. Just consider what you can do with that?

Until we speak again.

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you.

All my love


See you soon