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The Barman, Low Moods and An Invitation To Be A Decent Human Being

During the holidays Mr Lovely and I thought it would be fun to pop into a local country bar

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Collapsing Boundaries Through A Simple Understanding of The Mind

“I can’t do that “she protested,I just can’t feel the principles but I think I understand them intellectually”. “

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When Thoughts Hurt or Harm Us

This week my coaching practice has been filled with ordinary human beings having an extraordinarily difficult time with the

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The Beauty of Uncertainty

If you aren't in the moment you are either looking forward to uncertainty or back to pain and regret. 

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Are You Pulling Your Hair Out To Find A Simpler Understanding of Life – Theories, Facts and Fiction About Our Mental Health

There are currently over 450 psychological theories in the DSM in the USA. To me that looks like 450

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The Intellect, Information and the Power of Feelings

Our feelings are evidence of our mental well being. Find positive and loving feelings,for they will guide you through

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Overcomplicate The Principles Much?

My words may seem too simple,but I say again,the truth is simple. Syd Banks The power in understanding The Three

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The Natural Flow of Thought

Spiritual wisdom lives within the consciousness of all living creatures- Sydney Banks, The Missing Link,p.127 There have been a

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Divine Discomfort Pitching for Business

Divine discomfort is a beautiful description of what many of us feel as we journey through the process of transformation.

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Tears,Mood Swings and The Thought Tsunamis

“Yesterday’s liberating insight is today’s jail of stale explanation.” This week I had an unexpected day trip to Loch

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