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Overcomplicate The Principles Much?

My words may seem too simple,but I say again,the truth is simple. Syd Banks The power in understanding The Three

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The Natural Flow of Thought

Spiritual wisdom lives within the consciousness of all living creatures- Sydney Banks, The Missing Link,p.127 There have been a

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Divine Discomfort Pitching for Business

Divine discomfort is a beautiful description of what many of us feel as we journey through the process of transformation.

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Tears,Mood Swings and The Thought Tsunamis

“Yesterday’s liberating insight is today’s jail of stale explanation.” This week I had an unexpected day trip to Loch

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Take A Knee

You are not special, trust me, everyone has times when life just feels impossible, yukky,  difficult, challenging, unsettling etc. We

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Loving No Matter What

“My bliss is sharing an understanding of how life works that has changed my life in ways I never

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The Art of Germination

I feel so quiet inside that mostly I say nothing My heart is still And my mind is attaching itself to

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Share what you know!

My eldest daughter has a Psychology degree and is currently doing a 12 month post grad training to be

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Living from Your Highest Self – The Crazy World of Preferences

I come from a family of loud mouths. A family called to be in service, one of my brothers

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Get A Life ….. Stop Reacting – Start Responding

We are living in interesting times and amongst the chaos what we need now, more than anything is men and

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