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In personal, life or leadership coaching, my clients often arrive feeling generally ‘stuck’ in some way or perhaps have specific goals in mind such as overcoming a habit or addiction, beating an eating disorder, feeling less anxious or depressed or want to overcome procrastination, a fear of public speaking or wanting to be more assertive in their interpersonal relationships. If you have a specific personal problem that needs an impartial eye, non-judgemental reflection and room to facilitate change, then please contact me and take part in one of my coaching programs to create clarity and peace in your life.

I had 3 months of online coaching with Jacquie. Really great, as no matter what state I came into the conversation in, I always felt happy when we hung up!  She always managed to say something that made me realise that my mood and feelings were just a result of my stupid thinking at the moment.  Jacquie has a special way of talking straight to your soul, to the person behind the mask, and after spending all that time with her, I can still hear her warm Scottish voice in my head when I feel a little bit low, and it lifts me up!  She is a very unique person and I so happy that she has come into my life! 
Wenche Stark, Norway

6-Session Coaching Package

Six one-hour private sessions with me. The 6-session package is designed for people who are ready to change. Perhaps you have been troubled for a long time or you have an immediate issue you need help with (e.g., caught up in a harmful habit, in the middle of acute anxiety or you want immediate clarity on an issue you want resolved like relationships or business issues etc.).

3 Month Coaching Package

Twelve  60-90 minute private sessions for people who are ready for change. If you want to learn more about the understandings I teach and wish to go deeper in your understanding.It may be you are looking for me to support you over a longer period of time. Whatever it is please get in touch and we can discuss what level of support you need and which program is more suited to your needs.

Coaching Testimonials

Marina Pearson, Coach, Spain

“When all negotiations with conceptual ideas cease you find true freedom”

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