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Becoming Unashamedly Human

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Becoming Unashamedly Human
How To Thrive when Everything is Falling Apart
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There is no textbook answer of how to deal with what is happening in our crazy little world at the moment. But, if you feel worried, anxious, stressed, lonely or even just a bit off – you are not alone. When life feels as though it is falling apart, and the constructions of what we thought we knew and understood are crumbling down, try something new. Rather than using the same bricks to build the same house of understanding, build a new one. Build a new understanding of the world and see things differently with a fresh perspective – giving you an easier, simpler life.

Meet Jacquie

My name is Jacquie Forde and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I am an NLP trained, Three Principles Teacher and Transformative Coach, dedicated to helping women reach their greatest potential, both personally and professionally.”

Over the last 27 years, men and women from over 20 countries have invested in my transformative online and in-person coaching programmes. I now work primarily from the Three Principles, a new understanding with the power to change the world.


When you work with me I know with absolute certainty – your life will change. Through insight you will change from the inside out, and your life will begin to change as a result.

Habits and addictions will drop away, anxiety will become a thing of the past, your mind will become clearer. You will be able to make better business decisions and your relationships, both personal and professional, will just become easier. I know this for sure because I have experienced this transformation myself.

I am a life and leadership coach working globally with women at every stage in life. Women who are ready to transform their lives. Women challenged with busy minds and overthinking. Women who want to become free of the limiting habits, addictions, lack of confidence and anxiety that holds them back. Women who want to fearlessly get the most out of their life and their business. Is this You, are You living your best life yet?

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