Episode 077

I am talking to myself again this week simply looking at the spiritual nature of autumn and it’s relevance to our being.

I don’t know about you but I have always loved autumn or fall and every year since I moved to this cosy corner of Scotland I like to invite other enquiring souls to come join me for my final grounding event of the year.

Autumn or Fall is a season drenched in tradition, it is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. … it is the end of many things but it can also represent the beginning. My invitation is for us to gather together and take a cue from the spiritual nature of life and use this season to help us find the peace and balance we need to become more deeply grounded in being.

Autumn reminds us that our bodies, minds, and surroundings are always developing. It focuses on the impermanence of life, emphasizing how vital it is to embrace the present. By doing so, we can savour what we have before it is gone.

The Unashamedly Human Autumn Seasonal Gathering is a small group event at my home in a quiet picturesque fishing village in Scotland, which many of you have visited for courses and events previously and there is no shortage of accommodations with beautiful local bed and breakfasts, hotels and self catering lodges for you to stay in nearby with or without sea views.

We will have long days and lazy evenings bathing in our essence and nature as we sit by the roaring log fire indoors, take long walks on the beach and huddle next to the outdoor fire-pit in my garden looking out to sea.

This year the theme is, “Letting Go” a 2.5 day deep exploration of our true nature to release any myths, misunderstandings and stories that are still holding us back from what we want to achieve in life and business through releasing the hidden and often invisible stories we innocently hold onto.

The date will be from 18th – 20th October 2019. This event is for you if you want to bathe more deeply in the spiritual nature of life and learn more about the practical wisdom that exists within the Three Principles. This event is for you if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and desperately want to find peace of mind and simply move on with your life. This event is for you if you if you want to share this understanding deeply and simply with others.

I’m so excited to offer this very small group immersive retreat again this autumn and I’m looking forward to sharing space and time with you and can’t wait to have you join me in love, laughter, wisdom and nature to let go of what needs to be let go of. After all isn’t that what nature encourages in autumn?

Simply click on the link to join me. https://jacquelineforde.lpages.co/autumn-circle-gathering/

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