Episode 089
Kimberley Hare

A very topical subject this week…climate change and the rapidly evolving environments we are all finding ourselves in.

The Unashamedly Human Podcast this week is with Kimberley Hare. You can find out more about this fabulous woman at :www.heartofthriving.com

Her bio:

I am a writer, a coach, and facilitator. My work is informed by my understanding of the Three Principles, or the Inside-Out Understanding of the human experience. My passion is to help people wake up to their own innate resilience, clarity, love, creativity and well-being so that they can truly thrive as a human being.

Before coming to this understanding in 2009, I was an acknowledged expert in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Engagement and Culture Change, Positive Psychology, Social Psychology and Influencing NLP, and Brain-Friendly Learning.

I am a master transformative coach, certified by Michael Neill, have been a mentor on his Supercoach Academy, and am a CpF (Certified Professional Facilitator).

I’ve authored three books. The first two were about the neuroscience of learning. My latest book “The He’Art of Thriving” was published in June 2017.

After 35 years of leading a successful consulting and training business, I was ‘nudged’ to close this down as a commercial enterprise in August 2019 after waking up to the climate and ecological emergency. These days I spend the majority of my time leading retreats and workshops, coaching people who are suffering from climate distress and creating local resilient communities. All my work is done in the gift.

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