Episode 094
Social Media with Lucy Bainbridge

This week’s episode of The Unashamedly Human Podcast is a gorgeous conversation with The Social Media Priestess, Lucy Bainbridge.

Check her out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/socialmediainitiation/
and find out more about her school – The Social Media Priestess School to be guided on all things social media.

An Online Circle of Men & Women looking to transform their social media presence from the inside-out

Having a ‘consistent social media strategy’ just sounds like the most boring thing in the world doesn’t it?

‘Consistent’,’ routine’, ‘best practices’, ‘4 step system’ yawn, yawn yawn.

Especially if you’re a creative, spiritually led, don’t-know-whats-happening-tomorrow-let-alone-next-month, indigo priestess …

You’ve got profound gifts. talents, and abilities that you’ve carefully cultivated through the years …

? revealing the magic inside the hopeless

? bringing etheric dreams into physical reality

? igniting passion inside the hearts of many

And, you want to change lives.

My love, that’s what you came here to do.

You’ve found transformation, and you’re determined to help others transform too.

But you can’t change the world if the world doesn’t know who you are.

We have an opportunity here in this digital age.

We have an opportunity to share our hearts, our voices, our healing with more people than ever before.

But how do we do it, honour our natural flow AND get results?

Well, part of the issue is that people start with STRATEGY.

There are two foundational pieces that must come before your strategy.


Without these, your house is built on sand.

Your strategy needs to become an extension of who you are and your message needs to become POTENT.

Then the ‘doing’ part will become effortless.

I’ve worked with spiritual leaders, medicine women, non-duality practitioners, fertility coaches, hypnotherapists, and many other coaches over the last year and I know what creates exponential results and what doesn’t.

Most of the time it doesn’t involve following the rules.

All of the time, it comes from following your INTUITION.

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