Episode 102
Creating Online Courses

Wanting to get your message out there in the world but suffering from overwhelm at the thought of creating an online course?

This week I want to introduce you to my amazing online creation support wizz. Her name is Susan Wheeler Hall and believe me she totally whipped me into shape with my website and my online course creations. She is savvy, patient, kind and so freaking knowledgeable about all things online.

If you rally want to create an online course but haven’t got out of overwhelmingly awful procrastination yet then book yourself onto Susan’s webinar on December 10th to find out how to start creating and organising your online course content now….. bookme.name/susanwheelerhall/we…attendance-dec-10th

Webinar Details

WEBINAR – Online Course Planning For Coaches – Limited attendance – Dec. 10th
Get ready to offer your online course.

In this webinar, you will learn how to plan your learner’s blueprint from start to finish.
We will answer questions such as:
How long should my course be?
How do I plan the learning steps?
What amount and types of content do I provide?
What tech will work with my wp website?

This is a HANDS-ON WORKSHOP limited to 20 people to allow for individual teaching.

If you have an online course idea that you are struggling to bring to life, then this workshop will give you the structure and kick-start you need.

One-time special handouts and tech discounts offered to attendees only.

Webinar date: Thurs. Dec. 10th | Time 11:30 am EST

Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 04:30PM GMT
Times are in
(GMT+00:00) London Time
Registration closes at December 08, 04:30PM GMT

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