Jacquie's Inner Circle

My Inner Circle is a dynamic 12 month rolling  group coaching program for women who want more from their lives and are ready to take a leap into understanding themselves more deeply.

As women, at every age we face life transitions that can be confusing, challenging, overwhelming and painful. Transitions can be seemingly minor or can include more life-changing events like  starting a new business, raising teenagers, peri-menopause and menopause, the ending of relationships, the birth of a child or grandchildren and the inevitability of mortality or seeing our children head off to university or college. 

Chances are that at some point in our lives roles have switched so that our parents may need our support and caregiving. Jobs might be downsized, and we may find ourselves searching for a new career at mid-life or we decide to retire.

Other things that brought us joy in the past may no longer be fulfilling.

Add to this both female and ageist stereotypes telling us who we are and what we are capable of doing, often negatively affecting our self esteem, and it can suddenly dawn on us that life doesn’t go on forever. 

Of course, we’ve always understood this truism intellectually, but when we find ourselves confronted with these milestones and changes, we may begin to understand it more profoundly and personally.

Processing Transitional Challenges
All of this is not to say that going through life’s stages is easy. Milestones and change can meddle with our psychological, social, physical and financial well-being. Many of us can be left feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, burnt out and exhausted. 

No outside person can determine what will give our lives meaning, but a coach and a supportive circle of like minded souls can help us in these moments of transition to ensure that we’re tapping in to what matters most to us. 

We all need to take the time to process life’s transitions as it is vital for our healing and well-being. Healing involves making the invisible visible and finally being able to let go of changes and losses so that we can joyfully explore and meet ourselves  as the resilient, wise and beautiful souls that we already are. 

 Often our instinct is to push away any feeling that feels uncomfortable which can manifest into pain. How we express it is unique for each of us. We can learn how to process it in our own way and at our own pace – for example some of us grieve through the expression of emotion while others focus on thoughts and memories. It’s about tapping into our inner resources and wisdom so we can begin to integrate change into our lives.   

My Inner Circle helps us to heal and blossom by taking the time to step away from the cares, distractions and rush of our daily lives and to tune back into our bodies, our sensations and our deep rhythms, so we can remember who we really are.

After over a decade leading and facilitating group mentorship programs and taking time to heal from many of life transitions that in my earlier years I did not honour or understand but simply fought my way through I developed this program to quickly help deepen the groups spiritual and psychological development so that everyday life becomes a breeze instead of an uphill struggle. Join us……

After all Life is a Journey and having insight into our daily habits, concepts, ideas and lives is never a one and done…It is a Process!


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