“Our Shared Humanity”

Jacquie Forde of The Wellbeing Alliance and other International Thought Leaders join together for the first Three Principles Global Webinar Series to celebrate the incredible potential of our shared humanity!


This is an exciting and pioneering series of moral, ethical and spiritual conversations about the possibilities and world changing potential of our shared humanity. Did you realize that we are building our humanity every time we write a live quote; we connect on a deeper level with someone else, we share our true gifts, our true meaning, our true purpose. Every speaker that inspires us does so because they’re revealing their true humanity, and that’s what we remember.

When our shared humanity is recognized, deep connections can be built across cultural and religious divides which supports inner and outer peace and barriers can be overcome. Imagine individuals, workplaces, countries and nations recognising this.

Are you concerned about the way Leaders, Politicians and Governments influence our world or are you simply wanting to understand and be more comfortable discussing the Three Principles with others with the intent of “making a difference in the world”?

In this series of 8 webinars, we discuss how an understanding of The Three Principles can illuminate and accelerate parity across nations, organizations and societies.

Webinar Guests: Elsie Spittle, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, Barb Patterson, Chris Heath, Garret Kramer , Sue Lachman and Jacquie Forde.



What does this series include?

• 8  webinars with International Thought leaders in The Three Principles Community.

• Webinar Guests : Elsie Spittle, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, Barb Patterson, Chris Heath, Garret Kramer, Sue Lachman and Judy Sedgeman

• Lifetime access to the webinars.

Judy Sedgeman

Jamie Smart

Barbara Patterson

Michael Neill

Christine Heath

Sue Lachman

Garrett Kramer

Elsie Spittle

Elsie Spittle