Exploring The Missing Link

A 14-week deep dive exploration of The Three Principles with Jacquie Forde
Start Date: November 17th

The format:

Every week you will receive a video lesson where I share the key points of each lesson, a cheeky wee animation and audio for you to listen to as well as tips and hints on how to share authentically. It is important that you read the chapter, watch and listen to the audios and videos prior to our live webinar each week to help you get the best from the course. My hope is that it will inspire you.
Every lesson will help point you towards the simplicity and purity of the principles. Each lesson will be to the point and fun!
I cannot wait to have you join me for this exploration of the Three Principles and the teachings of other relevant spiritual teachers.



More Details

 Online Deep Dive Into The Magic of The Three Principles
A 14-week exploration of the Three Principles with Jacquie Forde
Start Date: November 17th 2020

As a participant in this exploration you will receive:
Weekly audios, animations, be part of our own Private Facebook Group for comment and facilitation, powerfully transformational lessons, PLUS Live weekly zoom Q&A sessions where homework is suggested and is designed to help you continually deepen your understanding each week for The Duration of Our Time Together.
Plus a few surprises on the way…!!!!

Thank you for joining me!

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