Wild and Wise Inner Circle

Join The Wild and Wise Inner Circle – Start Date 29th April 2021

The Wild and Wise Inner Circle is a transformational 6-month group coaching and mentorship program for women only. It has been created to help you become more grounded and improve your depth of spiritual and psychological understanding of yourself and others.

The inner circle is uniquely designed to serve the women in the group in a collaborative and supportive fashion. The aim is to raise conscious awareness and help everyone involved deepen their understanding of the principles and other spiritual teachings so that they can share more confidently with others.

The Wild and Wise Inner Circle will take place in a private online portal via key lessons and messaging with twice monthly live group calls.

Each month there will be a specific topic e.g our first month is about awareness and consciousness and the importance of insight. I will create content, videos for you to watch and listen to plus we will be meeting either once or twice a month for group discussions to move forward on our collective agenda as we discuss more fully the monthly topic. The zoom meetings are a place for you to ask questions, speak live and share your thoughts and insights.

Women before us have shown us that by gathering together, learning and talking about our challenges we can collectively make serious strides in all areas of our lives.

I believe the feminine rising is an opportunity for tremendous shifts in consciousness and though we still have work to do, the women who have come before us have paved the way for us to create space for this pivotal time so that we can shift, change and transform.



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