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Really Living Life

*8* Really Living Life  I haven’t written a blog in a wee while so forgive me if I’m

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How To Become Truly Madly Deeply In Love with How Your Mind Works

How To Become Truly Madly Deeply In Love with How Your Mind Works What we are talking about

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It’s Not You….It’s Me

“Its Not You It's Me” Don't you just love, she says sarcastically, this wee phrase which has probably

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How To Be Extraordinarily Ordinary

“How To Be Extraordinarily Ordinary” “l love receiving and listening to Jacquie Forde’s Blog!  It seems the topics

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Collapsing Boundaries Through A Simple Understanding of The Mind

“I can’t do that “she protested,I just can’t feel the principles but I think I understand them intellectually”. “

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When Thoughts Hurt or Harm Us

This week my coaching practice has been filled with ordinary human beings having an extraordinarily difficult time with the

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Loving No Matter What

“My bliss is sharing an understanding of how life works that has changed my life in ways I never

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The Art of Germination

I feel so quiet inside that mostly I say nothing My heart is still And my mind is attaching itself to

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Limited By Thought

I love hanging out with my daughters. Their stories and perspective on life amuse and educate me constantly. My

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Who is Driving the Bus?

Being able to travel and get out and about is something I never take for granted having been immobile

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