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The Barman, Low Moods and An Invitation To Be A Decent Human Being

During the holidays Mr Lovely and I thought it would be fun to pop into a local country bar

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Overcomplicate The Principles Much?

My words may seem too simple,but I say again,the truth is simple. Syd Banks The power in understanding The Three

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Tears,Mood Swings and The Thought Tsunamis

“Yesterday’s liberating insight is today’s jail of stale explanation.” This week I had an unexpected day trip to Loch

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Take A Knee

You are not special, trust me, everyone has times when life just feels impossible, yukky,  difficult, challenging, unsettling etc. We

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Loving No Matter What

“My bliss is sharing an understanding of how life works that has changed my life in ways I never

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Don’t Buy Into Your Moods

Written into the human design is a wonderful trip switch just like the ones that protect us from electrical

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Spiritual Awakenings In The Boardroom

This week I have been privileged to have the opportunity to run several Three Principles Trainings in corporate organisations,

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I Am What I Am

You can listen to my dulcit tones as I read the blog. Ever woken up in the morning with

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