The Wild and Wise Inner Circle

The Wild and Wise Inner Circle is a low cost, high value 6-month dynamic and intensive group coaching and mentorship program for women to participate in.

After over a decade leading and facilitating group mentorship programs I have developed this program to quickly help deepen the groups spiritual and psychological development so that everyday life becomes a breeze instead of an uphill struggle.

Woman’s circles help us to heal and blossom by taking the time to step away from the cares, distractions and rush of our daily lives and to tune back into our bodies, our sensations and our deep rhythms, so we can remember who we really are. 

Join us to deepen your understanding of the principles and other spiritual teachings so that you too can share what you learn with a sense of confidence and ease.

The Next Circle Begins On April 29th 2021

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What to expect...

The Wild and Wise Inner Circle will take place in a private online portal and twice monthly zoom calls.

Each month there will be a specific topic e.g our first month is centred around the importance of awakening to thought in our every day lives and becoming conscious of unconscious programming.

You will receive fresh content regularly with videos, audios, reflection pieces and twice monthly live calls to move forward on our collective agenda as we discuss more fully the monthly topic. 

The live zoom calls are a safe and supportive space  for us all to ask questions, go live and/or share your thoughts and insights.twice monthly.

Women before us have shown us that by gathering together, learning and talking about our challenges we can collectively make serious strides in all areas of our lives.

I believe the feminine rising is an opportunity for tremendous shifts in consciousness and though we still have work to do, the women who have come before us have paved the way for us to create space for this pivotal time so that we can shift, change and transform. 

Becoming wilder and wiser in a supportive group of gorgeous women as you deepen your understanding of life through the lens of spirituality and the dynamic dance of our humanness is exhilarating.

The Wild and Wise Inner Circle is for you if you:

  • Spend more evenings alone at night than you want to.
  • Prefer small group coaching and mentoring programs
  • Desire more nurturing supportive energy in your life.
  • Are the only female in your household and want more interaction with women.
  • Want a place to regain perspectives when life gets rough.
  • Wish to be with other women of similar interests.
  • Want to be with women seeking positive solutions.
  • Know you have wisdom and want to stop second-guessing yourself.
  • Want to deepen your spiritual understanding of life.

Come join me and my wild and wise sisters now on an unforgettable journey to a more beautiful and successful life !!!!!

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Join this six-month exploration
and unleash your wild wisdom

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