What Are The Three Principles?

“If the only thing that people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience that alone would change the world”

- Sydney Banks

In the early 70s, Sydney Banks, a Scottish born and raised welder, with only a ninth-grade education living in Canada, had a series of profound spiritual experiences. Through these enlightening moments, he uncovered three fundamental principles that empower all humans to experience life. 

The three principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought are what every sentient being uses all the time, without exception, to experience their reality. The principles are the psychological building blocks that power our mental functioning, the key to understanding more fully our human existence.

By understanding the interconnectivity of these principles it helps us to see creation, access our wisdom for insight and be guided through life.

Whilst the quote above is a startlingly simple statement it is challenging present day thinking of psychology and other psychological structures and leading millions of people globally to a true and lasting mental health.

What Are The Three Principles?

The Three Principles are formless and beyond words. But words are what we use to communicate, so please allow me to attempt to describe the indescribable; knowing that words are only pointers to their essence.

Universal Mind

The intelligence behind life, spirit, light, or: the formless energy that creates, grows, reproduces everything and then transforms itself back into nothing. From the emptiness of no-thing something emerges, again and again.
The Principle of Universal Mind is what we may call God, Spirit, Tao, the Universe, Chi or Life Force. It’s the energy powering our brain, our heart and all our vital organs – the same energy making plants grow, the sun to shine, the Earth to spin. It’s the order in all things and the universe.
Universal Mind is not only what we use, is what we are – or perhaps, what uses us. It is essence. Without it nothing exists.


Knowing that we are alive, that we exist, that we are here and now is the Principle of Consciousness. Awareness of our thoughts, our basic knowing, witnessing the experience of being alive is possible through the Principle of Consciousness.
In a lower state of consciousness our understanding, capacity to love, and optimum psychological functioning are clouded. Higher consciousness gives us a broader perspective, more understanding, and more access to wisdom within.


Thought is an energy, the essence we use to paint the picture of our world. The Principle of Thought colours every experience and feeling moment to moment.
Our thinking shapes our perception of reality. Stuck in the misunderstanding that what we experience is what the world out there brings to us puts us in a constant chase to ‘fix’ the world and our circumstances to feel OK.
Understanding that our experience of life is generated 100% from the inside-out gives us access to unimaginable freedom. Uncovering our spiritual nature puts is touch with deep peace, joy and well-being.
Thought is an ever-flowing energy. Its nature is one of constant change. This means that when we allow the flow to run, one new thought – an insight – can change our life forever. 

What are the Implications of Embodying this Understanding in our Everyday Lives?

Knowing that we are only ever experiencing thought in the moment allows us to take our human experience less seriously. We think that what we are experiencing is reality when in actuality it is our interpretation of reality via thought. When our thinking slows down, which it always does, we have more capacity and space for fresh thinking, new ways of seeing, creative ideas, a knowing of what to do next, the complex becomes simple. And with this our possibilities expand!

William James (sometimes called the father of psychology).

“To think that we’re at the forefront of an amazing realization for humanity; to witness history in the making is incredible. One day it will be common knowledge and people will quite naturally live life from their spiritual essence as opposed to their personal ego; we’ll surely have a different world then.”

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