About Jacquie

“Jacquie Forde is the quintessential woman–profound and practical. She shares her wisdom about the Principles underlying the human experience with simplicity, integrity, and in a way that resonates with peoples’ innate intelligence. In this way, she takes them on an inner journey where they tap into their own understanding of who and what they are at their core. This is the heart of the Three Principles message.”

– Elsie Spittle

Author, International Speaker and Trainer

(Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for almost four decades. She is one of the few people who knew Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his profound insight, and who stuck by him, despite her own early strong resistance.)

“What a rollercoaster! But most of all, I need to say thank you so much for all your help Jacquie. Whichever way I look at it, it’s fair to say I would not be where I am today without you. A million thank you’s,”

Colin Steele

Professional Jazz Musician

“Jacquie Forde is an amazing 3p facilitator. She has the ability to deeply connect and touch the heart of any person, and have a profound impact simply by her way of being. Love and understanding is the most powerful ingredient for any coach or person of influence, and to me Jacquie is the true image of both. Words alone cannot describe how strongly I recommend her as a teacher or coach.”

Kjetil Haugmo

Author and Public speaker

“I find Jacquie a deeply insightful and very impactful Three Principles Facilitator. She will take you to the core of this understanding by showing you what the feeling and deep listening is all about. If you did not know that deep listening is the best part of any conversation you need to speak to her. If you ever forget about your wellbeing and think about “what’s stopping me” she will dance with you taking you back to that which you already have, to your perfection, to your wisdom, to that which you can never lose. Jacquie has excellent understanding of the nature of human experience and the misunderstanding that just seemingly stands in the way of realising our true unlimited potential. Jacquie was a mentor on my organisations Three Principles Training Programme and I had a pleasure spending time with her and enjoyed every second of it. I highly recommend a mentoring or coaching conversation with her. Be careful however, it might change how you see and experience life for the better.”

Radomir Bajic

Three Principles Facilitator, Three Principles Unlimited

“Hi Jacquie, A big thank you for your wisdom and time the other day and laughs. It was great chatting to you. Wisdom is showing up a lot right now and as you said lighten up, sorry I can’t remember your words, I just remember the feeling. Everywhere I’m looking just now is pointing me to follow and trust my OWN wisdom. In fact it’s telling me to lighten up. I’ve so much riding on I must get clients and feel the need to take a back seat for a bit. Anyway, thank you so much. xx”

Trisha Murray

Life Coach

“Jacquie Forde delivers transformative results and incredible value whilst being a delight to work with. She has the rare gift of being able to effortlessly facilitate inspired action in any environment. Amongst other things, I am grateful for her unwavering honesty, clarity and perspective and I feel privileged to have been on the receiving end of her caring and generous spirit. If you have any doubts about what I say, get in touch with her and experience it for yourself!”

Andy Smith

3P Unlimited

“I don’t think I have come across someone quite as genuine, loving, fun and sincere as Jacquie. She has a wonderful fresh and meaningful way of sharing her understanding of how life works and I have had the opportunity to speak to her at some length and heard the power behind her words. At one stage I was lucky enough to interview Jacquie for a Parenting series I am involved with and during our chat, she told me about her love for her children and her desire to serve them. Now I heard something very deeply and it impacted me in such a way that now I too want to serve my children and see the love and humour in life with them even when times are seemingly challenging. My heartfelt thanks to Jacquie for opening my eyes to something new for me. I will be eternally grateful to you and love you dearly. I wish you all the best in all your endeavours and I for one will be watching you with interest to see you grow and I know many will be touched by the magic surrounding you.”

Sue Lachman

“I know that many people are and will in the future will be thankful that Jacquie Forde has come into their life and shared her gift of guiding insights and mentoring. In my case its not just me that Jacquie has touched but my whole family and we are continuing to grow and improve our family and working lives. With love,”

Wendy Kane

UK Government Affairs Manager, RB Ltd

“Jacquie’s coaching style is effortless, she gracefully shows up, with her full attention on you during your time together and lovingly guides you through what is going on for you, and as if by magic, things start to shift. I will continue having sessions with Jacquie, and I highly recommend that you do to, she really is a remarkable coach with a wealth of experience in diverse fields.”

Steve Light

CEO Leading Light

“Jacquie is an all-around lovely human being. I mean, how great to know someone who wishes for everyone to be more comfortable with the simplicity of just being human. She is funny, loving, and wise. I have had the pleasure of sharing much laughter with her. I’ve especially appreciated how Jacquie truly lives her talk about BEING in the world as you ARE in order to change the world for the better. She is doing just that. If you have the opportunity to work with Jacquie, you had better grab it!”

Jen Lucas

“Jacquie is a lovely human being who has a deep grounding of what connecting to a human being really means. I have learnt so much in the few months I have known her. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to deepen their grounding and enhance their wellbeing and understanding of life to contact her.”

Tony Arribas