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May 14th 2024

Business Development

There are many ways to benefit from coaching :

Especially when it comes to business coaching and business development. In my experience I have found intensives whether they take place over 1 day or several days to be the best way to help my clients create a bigger leverage in a short space of time.

Why Choose Me? I spent over 40 years working for blue chip companies in sales, sales training, market development and consulting, helping individuals and teams develop their strategy, implementation and follow through of their business plans.

I know that at times we become stuck in our ideas and vision for our businesses. I know I have been there myself. Working with a coach with a proven business background can help move you to a different space in your mind that allows for creativity to flow through.

Over the years I have worked with execs, leaders and fellow coaches on their businesses, books and business plans that they were then able to go away and implement immediately and I hold them to account to make sure they do move forward as every intensive comes with a follow up coaching program.

When you work with me we work together on they key areas of your business. You will know exactly what you should be doing from a space of fresh thinking and clarity.

Other transformational benefits that clients can achieve from their day include:
• Clarity and connection to your vision and potential
• Overcome recurring poor habits and self-sabotage
• Entrepreneurial mindset and how to actually do what you say you’re going to do
• Tools to manage fear and self-doubt
• Confidence and belief in your vision and skills
• Overcoming fear of charging for your services so that you can stop undercharging
• Stop spinning in your wheels and letting months and months go by without you moving much in your business

Del Adey Jones, Coach

Intensives are for you if you:

• You need some direction and you’re highly motivated
• You want a fast track to success
• You’re new to working with Jacquie

What will I gain form doing a Business Intensive with Jacquie?

▪ You will develop confidence to try for new opportunities which could help you make more money.
▪ We will identify your own personal gap analysis taking you from where you are to where you want to be.
▪ You will learn how to manage your mind and master your mindset to move beyond what is currently holding you back.
▪ How to increase creativity and tap into your own intuition.
▪ How to consistently remove limiting beliefs.
▪ How to operate always in your business from a place of authenticity.

Imagine giving yourself the gift of 1, 2 or 3 days dedicated to your personal and business growth either online or in person . All of my intensives are completely tailored to your specific needs and not a cookie cutter approach to business development.

Del Adey Jones, Coach, Los Angeles

I only make myself available to work with women who are committed to their own success.

“The less you care about your own story the more liberated you are.”

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