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Menopause Laid Bare

May 14th 2024

Exploring The Principles and Other Spiritual Teachings

with Jacquie Forde

GUIDED VERSION-Next Class Starts
Monday 30th October 2023

This Course Is About You!

Leaving The Prison of Our Personalities

In a world bustling with various belief systems and spiritual paths, the concept of non religious spirituality might seem like a paradoxical enigma.

 However, the fusion of The Three Principles with a non religious approach offers a transformative journey that can bring about authentic change and profound growth to everyone’s life. 

Exploring The Principles was designed to solve and clear up the most common Myths and Misunderstandings that people bump up against about The Principles and other spiritual teachings.

 Over 1,000 people from 50 countries and from all walks of life have taken this course which has deeply transformed their lives.

Prepare to embark on a captivating exploration that intertwines humour, information, and compelling insights to unveil how the Three Principles and non religious spirituality can be your guiding light to an improved and enriched existence.

Certificate Sent on Completion of Course.

This programs main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try and convince you of anything.
Exploring The Principles main purpose is to bring about a shift in your everyday awareness or consciousness to help release you from the prison of your mind AND personality

Is This You?


  • You are stuck and frustrated with unwanted habits and behaviours
  • Maybe you have been around the original message of Syd Banks for a while and you don’t seem to get it the way other people do? 
  • Perhaps old habits and addictions are causing you as much discomfort and pain as they always have despite coming across the principles ?
  • Maybe you just want to learn more about the original message of the principles and deepen your own understanding from the comfort and safety of your own home?
  • Perhaps you can understand the Principles intellectually but know instinctively there is a deeper dimension to this understanding that you just have not experienced yet?
  • Perhaps your budget is tight but you want the whole enchilada of learning about the principles without the high ticket price ?
  • Maybe you want to receive a certificate of completion for your self study efforts to prove continuous education to your employer?
  • Perhaps you simply want to have a much better experience of your life without being overwhelmed by stress and worry?
  • You love learning in groups with like minded souls
  • AND You know there is MORE to life

If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone.
Exploring The Principles’  sole purpose is to help you get unstuck from where you are now, to living a life and doing work that actually excites you. 

This Program is A Common Sense Exploration of The Principles and other Spiritual teachings

The Most Inspiring Feedback From Past Participants:

Here is one of my favourite testimonials from a previous participant about how she found being on the program…

Anna Foakes – Coach and Therapist

“I loved being on Jacquie’s Exploring The Principles Program – It was a beautiful experience of getting to know my true nature and being privileged to share with other souls. Jacquie has a wonderful way of sharing the principles with her love of life, warm heart, lovely Scottish spirit and humour. Thank you Jacquie, for the simplicity of your teaching and your generosity. 

When you enrol in this fabulous program you will be able to access lessons via all sorts of multimedia: live classes, interactive facebook group, animations,  audio downloads, videos, and other insightful materials all pointing you to a more grounded and transformational experience of life.

Surely that is what we all want?
A calmer and more peaceful daily experience without the mental drama and pain.

I'm excited to have you join me

Exploring The Principles

Over the program, you will experience a profound training designed to further the awakening of consciousness already happening in you—and allow you to integrate this shift more continuously in daily life.

In the Guided version of this course, the online material is provided along with several online meetings facilitated by a qualified teacher of The Principles, including myself.

From our introductory private call that begins and concludes the program to each of our weekly video sessions and everything in between, you will be supported by myself, my team, and a worldwide community of people dedicated to living an Unashamedly Human Life.

                  OUR NEXT GUIDED CLASS BEGINS ON Monday 30th October 2023

And if you decide that you want to stay in the conversation after completing the program and receiving your course certification you will be invited to join us monthly for the  Extended VIP Program.

For the Guided and Extended versions, I would like to emphasise the importance of attending our live calls and joining our Facebook group.

Within our Facebook community gatherings, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your fellow course participants and share your experiences. In a sense, each one of us is a teacher and student as we explore The Principles together; we can all support each other and learn from one another along the journey. We encourage you to “lean in” to our community, share your questions and challenges, and offer your wisdom if you’re called to do so.

I look forward to being your guide and being with you on the journey and I wish you all the best in the course.

May 2023 Guided Program-Sold Out

JOIN the next Guided Program starting:
October 30th 2023

More Praise!!!

Working with Jacquie in the Exploring the Principles Course has led me to a deeper awareness of life on so many levels. I feel more perceptive, empathetic and generally more tolerant of my life experience and those people with whom I come into contact.

Throughout this course with Jacquie, I soon became aware of her profound understanding, openness and mischievous humour, which appealed to me and I knew that I had made the right decision in wanting to work with her.

After only a few weeks I felt so closely connected to those others of us on the course, we all watched our lives (and each other’s) change as a result of this wonderful understanding of how life works for each of us.

I only have words, but intensely and grateful don’t seem enough, it’s more of a loving feeling.
Lorainne Miller

How The Program Works

The Core Online Program: Perfect for Self-study

This is a 14 module series of audio, videos, and animations which is sitting ready and  available inside your course dashboard. You’re welcome to explore at your own pace.

Guided Program: The core program is fully available and is complemented by a weekly featured teaching

Each week, you’ll receive a set of new teachings that Jacquie has specially prepared for all students. The sooner you access these teachings, the better! Doing so allows you to participate in our online community right away and get even more out of the program.

Extended Program: Advanced question-and-answer monthly sessions

Throughout the extended program, Jacquie will also meet with students for live online question-and-answer sessions.

Exploring The Principles Facebook Community and Discussions

Our private Facebook page is a place for us to connect and share our experiences. We’ll also be sharing additional reflections, questions, and prompts throughout our time together.
When you’re feeling the desire to connect with others on the same journey or wanting to share an experience, head over to our Facebook page.

What Other Students Say About Exploring The Principles ...

“I loved being on Jacquie’s exploring the – it was a beautiful experience of getting to know my true nature and being privileged to share with other lovely souls. Jacquie has a wonderful way of sharing the principles and other spiritual teachings with her love of life, warm heart, lovely Scottish spirit and humour. Thank you, Jacquie, for the simplicity of your teaching and generosity. Anna Foakes, Coach and Therapist.


Hi all! Just a little love pip – happy Sunday. Wanted to share that Chapter 8 is really resonating with me – not sure why yet and I now know, the why is not all that important – I really appreciate you Jacquie Forde for all the time you put in creating the animation and the dharma. Larry

“I missed seeing this before Jacquie and am so glad to have found it now. I love how you guide, “always look towards how you are creating your experience rather than the output of your creation”, that moved something in me. Thank you xxx” Vicky

“Halfway through last week’s recording and absolutely loving the beautiful feeling and all the Jacquie giggles on this call in particular” Jessie

“So with Jacquie pointing us to going out and ‘playing’ with the feeling that is bubbling inside with clarity I have seen this morning that it is the place within you that begin “living and following a different life from, you do not physically uproot and move.I thought I understood but I saw it this weekend. If you show up living from this understanding being open to the feeling we do not have to wait for life to change , it has already ” Sharon

What Other Teachers Say About Jacquie ...

“Jacquie Forde has a warm heart and a loving spirit. Combined with a wicked sense of humor, these gifts make her a powerful mentor. She brings her deep understanding to light in ordinary words that touch the soul.” – Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD

“Jacquie Forde is the quintessential woman–profound and practical. She shares her wisdom about the Principles underlying the human experience with simplicity, integrity, and in a way that resonates with peoples’ innate intelligence. In this way, she takes them on an inner journey where they tap into their own understanding of who and what they are at their core. This is the heart of the Three Principles message.” – Elsie Spittle – Author, International Speaker and Trainer

“I love Jacquie’s warmth, ticklish humor, irreverence, and her whole-hearted embrace of human-ness with all of its ups and downs, joys and loves, flaws and perfections. My time with her in Scotland was priceless. Her lovely country home, Scottish-style sense-delighting hospitality and deep honesty combined to provide a perfect backdrop for insights about life and the Three Principles to unfold. Jacquie’s authentic presence, down-to-earth style, humor and love power the way she shares the Three Principles. As a helping professional, she has seen beyond current concepts to an understanding with limitless potential to cure chronic mental stress.” – Linda Sandel Pettit – Co-Owner, 3 Principles Intervention and retired Counseling Psychologist 

“Jacquie Forde is an amazing 3p facilitator spiritual teacher and coach. She has the ability to deeply connect and touch the heart of any person, and have a profound impact simply by her way of being. Love and understanding is the most powerful ingredient for any coach or person of influence, and to me Jacquie is the true image of both. Words alone cannot describe how strongly I recommend her as a teacher or coach.” Kjetil Haugmo, Author and Public speaker

Take A Deep Dive With Me & Explore The Principles and Other Spiritual Teachings With Me

Guided Study: You will become part of our own Private Facebook Group for comment and facilitation. Everyone enjoys the powerfully transformational lessons PLUS the Live sessions and homework designed to help you continually deepen your understanding each week for The Duration of Our Time Together.

Extended Study: You get all of the above PLUS an opportunity to extend your learning and understanding through monthly meetings. Come and join me and have your mind blown. All Meetings are Recorded and Downloadable plus there are a few additional surprises!!!!

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