Intensive Programs

Intensives are for people who want to focus exclusively on kicking off the change process in a short, concentrated period of time. People who are fed up feeling overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued, at a standstill and know there is more to life and are frustrated by the current change methods they are currently undertaking.

Investing in an intensive program with me will help you condense many months if not years of personal coaching into just a few days.Follow up coaching is also provided to support you as you live your life with a new and fresh understanding of your experiences.

Kate Wiggs, Psychotherapist

Benefits Of Intensives
Clients Have...

• Let go of debilitating habits and addictions
• Become less anxious
• Become more confident and Assertive
• Have learned to love themselves
• Found their purpose
• Been able to create a clearer and more concise business strategy and implementation plan
• Reconnected with their desire to make a difference in life and in their businesses
• Become more comfortable at public speaking
• Have developed better relationships with themselves, business partners and family.
• Become more grounded and able to share and teach more clearly.

Intensive Testimonials

Mia Rosenberg, Coach

“Spirituality isn’t fancy it’s ordinary”

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