If you aren’t in the moment you are either looking forward to uncertainty or back to pain and regret.  Jim Carey

Today as I drove quickly along a narrow and winding coastal road,the autumnal sun was low, bright and beautiful,the view was spectacular.

To my left I could see Alisa Craig, The Firth of Clyde, The Holy Isle and The Isle of Arran and to my right, green fertile fields were filled with highland cattle and all kinds of sheep. In that moment my eyes filled with a heartfelt gratitude for the abundance of life and for the nature that surrounded me.

It honestly felt like the car was driving me.

I get that feeling a lot these days. The car driving me. Life living me. Words appearing from nowhere. Conversations that flow to all sorts of deep and beautiful places I could never have imagined. Love filling me with awe, humility and gratitude.

Opportunities arising from nowhere. Money flowing in when required and out when demanded. Souls getting in touch and clients appearing from nowhere. Insights landing gently without content and unfolding into the most beautiful transformational change.

None of it expected but all of it arriving at the right place, time and with the right person.

None of it planned.

There is a beauty in uncertainty, never knowing how anything is going to turn out until it does. A wonderful resting space to loiter in while life does its thing.

One of my clients this week told me she was petrified of the unknown or uncertainty. To her it was a place filled with unknown surprises, horrors and darkness.

To me this space is a playground. I can be anything, say anything, do anything and respond to life in each and every moment with grace and love.

However I loved the way in which we were using the form to innocently tell ourselves different stories about a mental construct. I know which one I preferred.

I surrendered years ago to the flow of life. Mostly I just go with the flow with my feeling state being my barometer informing me where the quality of my thinking is at and where my state of mind is resting. I’m not frightened of it. I get information and choose to react or respond to it.

I choose a life of adventure which is easily defined by uncertain outcomes, a bold bodacious life flying by the seat of my pants. A life where I know I have no clue what is going to happen next even though my personal mind seems to like informing me that it does.

After all without the unknown or uncertainty we have a safe, contained, and predictable experience; we don’t have adventure. So why respond to uncertainty with fear when we could choose curiosity.

Choose wisely….until next time

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you,

All my love,

Jacquie Forde RGN RM

Three Principles Coach Consultant Trainer Speaker

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