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Finding the Softness in Hard Times

A woman is holding a glass of wine in front of her face.

Musings from a mum holding space for resolution from unexpected turmoil in a daughters life.

In the tapestry of life’s intricate design, there comes a poignant realization—a poignant realization that in order to truly embrace the softness of existence, we must learn the art of letting go. It’s an ethereal dance between holding on to the cherished moments and surrendering to the natural flow of life with its twists, bends and blind summits.

Mothers, with hearts full of love, gently guide their daughters through the labyrinth of life, imparting wisdom and offering unwavering support. Yet, as the seasons change, a subtle shift occurs, and the need to release the reins becomes apparent. The daughter, once cradled in the protective cocoon of maternal love, must unfurl her wings and navigate her own path.

In the delicate balance of this transition, surrender takes centre stage. It’s the acknowledgment that love, though eternal, transforms and adapts. The mother learns to let go, allowing her daughter to embrace her own joys and face her own trials. The daughter, in turn, discovers the strength that comes with independence while cherishing the enduring bond that ties them together.

As grandchildren enter the scene, the circle of life expands, and the need to release control becomes even more profound. The love of grandparents becomes a gentle guide, a source of comfort and joy, but it is intertwined with the understanding that their role is to nurture and guide, not to dictate the course of another’s journey.

And then, in the hushed moments of great sorrow, the lesson of letting go becomes a somber melody. It’s the painful recognition that some things are beyond our control, that life’s twists and turns demand a willingness to release our grip on what once was. Grief becomes a poignant teacher, urging us to surrender to the inevitability of loss, and in doing so, find a deeper understanding of the fragility of our human experience.

In the softness of surrender, there is a paradoxical strength. It’s the letting go of expectations, the release of attachments, and the understanding that, ultimately, the only constant in life is change. As we embrace this truth, we find a profound sense of freedom—a freedom to cherish the present, to honour the past, and to welcome the unknown with open hearts, knowing that in surrendering, we truly find the essence of life’s softness.

Again and again and again….

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