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Business and Personal Coaching

Are You Interested in Business or Personal Coaching?

With a sales, training and marketing corporate career spanning four decades and having my own business for well over a decade trust me…I got you! 

Whether you are transitioning to running your own business or have been running your own business for a while and want to upskill, uplevel or just get clear on any aspect of your business come talk to me.

Humans think they are complicated but we are not. Mostly we just need someone to listen to us, ask us left field questions and give us the space to be seen, heard and understood and we can hear for ourselves what we need to hear to help us move forward.

My coaching style is intuitive, light hearted, deep, questioning, loving and thorough. I won’t let you away with your own bullshit and will call you out on every cliche surface answers you may try to give me as I guide you to a deeper space where finally you can see, hear and meet your real self again!

Check out the boxes below and let me know which one works for you and lets work together NOW!

(Warning: Just so you know it’s never just Business Coaching….we work on all aspects of your business and that includes your state of mind!)

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Each of the boxes below will guide you to a different page where you can find out a little more about my coaching offerings , what they involve, what previous clients have thought of their coaching programs and how you can get in touch with me to get started working together.

                            C’mon what are you waiting for…..Life is too short to stay stuck!

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