How To Be Extraordinarily Ordinary

“How To Be Extraordinarily Ordinary”

“l love receiving and listening to Jacquie Forde’s Blog!  It seems the topics come at the right time to increase my clarity around what is up for me in the moment.  This may be because Jacquie’s sharing is down to earth and heartfelt, as well as being extraordinarily ordinary! Thanks, Jacquie for all you share!  xo Terry “

Thank you, Terry, for your kind words….“Extraordinarily Ordinary” …..To be perfectly honest there was a time that I thought that aiming for windswept and interesting was the place to be as I wrote my blog and recorded my Soul Shifts Podcast. Every week as the topic revealed itself to me I would become excited, curious, animated, and childlike waiting for my creative flow of thought to turn me into someone who writes like Ernest Hemingway, Michael Neill, or dare I say it, Elsie Spittle.

(You know how this goes….just think of me sat deep in thought at the kitchen table waiting for an epiphany and my fairy godmother who could make all my dreams come true with the swish of her wand)

Yip….that was me….with a few beads of perspiration a whole ton of excess thinking and a blank page in front of me every week as I “tried” to create.

Anyways back to reality, in my opinion, Ernest, Michael, and Elsie write so soulfully and eloquently that I really wanted to write like them and eat me a piece of that soulful pie. So I read their articles and books and waited for the wisdom to infuse every cell of my being like bathing in a hot tub of Epsom salts whilst the magnesium salts penetrate my skin and nourish my body. But…….

My creative flow kept churning out me…dammit…..

As you can guess I didn’t really create much except a stomach ulcer and a self-esteem problem. The voices in my head(I know you have them too so quit judging) kept informing me that I was more unkempt, untidy, and boring than windswept and interesting so creating became a bit of an uphill struggle. I wonder if this sounds familiar to you too?

But here is the thing…I still wrote and published my blogs and podcasts, took meetings with people in all sorts of organizations, and coached others very successfully sharing this understanding even though the gremlins were gainfully employed convincing me of how unkempt and stupid I was.  C’mon …what do I know…

I know enough

Enough to explain how my human operating system works, enough to know where my state of mind is at a given moment in time, enough to know that my thoughts create my experience, enough to know that I work exactly the same way as every human being on this planet and enough to know that I was making it all up,phew….and so do you!

So create even when the gremlins are screaming obscenities at you. Be free of judgment, opinion, and the gossip of others and be free of your own internal dialogue which is mostly leading you down the garden path.

Do not care what another soul thinks of you, live life on your terms, and live an extraordinary life which is also ordinary as in living life we learn our greatest lessons.

Let’s be clear here being extraordinary isn’t reserved just for me, the rich and famous or powerful it is there for every human being who wants to live life genuinely and who is willing to inspire others to do the same. What ya waiting for…go be YOU!

Until next time

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you,

All my love,

Jacquie Forde RGN RM


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