Overcomplicate The Principles Much?

My words may seem too simple, but I say again, the truth is simple.
Syd Banks

The power in understanding The Three Principles lies in seeing its simplicity.

Over the last month or so many of you have written or had conversations with me about my blogs and podcasts excusing yourselves for having the audacity to say to me that you find my blogs simple, ordinary and human.

Some of you have said, “ Please don’t take this the wrong way Jacquie but your blogs are so beautiful because they are so ordinary, you write about everyday experiences of seeing the principles in action and you write so simply”.

Thank you, your comments have filled my heart.

Why complicate something so simple to understand that has the power to cause societal change on a scale we can’t even begin to imagine?

I write as I speak to my students, clients, the community groups I work with and the business people I meet and share this understanding with.

People recognize certainty and truth at a visceral level.

Syd Banks spoke of the importance of looking for simplicity and how often when something is presented to us as simple we unconsciously look for complexity within it. When we do that we lose the essence of the message and potentially the impact across society.

When we complicate the compound of mind, thought and consciousness as the most important understanding of how we determine our experience of life we lose out on the ability to see the wood from the trees; to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.

We are human.
We feel our thinking.
Our minds naturally fluctuate throughout the day.
We think and have thoughts all the time.
You can’t stop this happening.
Our thoughts are brought to life by our ability to see and be aware of them.
They are even brought to life when we don’t actually know what we are thinking
All we need to know is the fact THAT we think
All thoughts in themselves are neutral
We believe our thoughts.
We either ignore or act out on our thoughts.
We then judge ourselves and others.
Those thoughts get brought into our awareness.
We get a feeling and think our circumstances are causing our feeling state.
We analyse to figure it out.
We think we got it sorted.
It happens again.
And this is not just happening inside your head.
Oh no…..
We all do this.
We are human.
Human Beings living in the divine energy of mind, thought and conciousness.

Just live. Just live life.

All my love,

Jacquie Forde RGN RM


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