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The Art Of Germination

I feel so quiet inside that mostly I say nothing
My heart is still
And my mind is attaching itself to nothing of any consequence
It feels so good, finally
To be free of my thoughts
To know that they mean nothing unless I give them colour
Neutral thoughts that come and go by their thousands every day
And I no longer have to entertain them

When I rest in this quiet space I see so much more
I see people as they are, situations as they play out
But always
I see people dancing with the gift of thought
Becoming entrenched and irritated
Blaming everyone, everything and anyone in their way
To alleviate and justify their predicament
Can’t they see?

It’s in plain sight
The gift of thought
A gift so subtle and pure
A beautiful gift best left alone
To do what its meant to do
Always flowing through our minds
Look out for it
And notice noticing

Our thoughts are just thoughts
They don’t need to be suppressed or controlled
Observe them
Ignore them
But mostly see them for what they are
As they appear
Absolutely nothing of any consequence
Absolutely nothing

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