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The Barman, Low Moods and an Invitation

During the holidays Mr. Lovely and I thought it would be fun to pop into a local country bar near where we live. From the outside, the bar looked incredibly warm and inviting with a Xmas tree lit up with a beautiful array of lights and a log fire tucked up in the corner crackling with vigor.

Excitedly we took our seat next to the bar on a long table that could easily have seated 6 people. It was the only one available. For a wee change I wasn’t the designated driver so I opted for a rather large glass of Merlot whilst Mr. Lovely had a coffee.

In the corner of my eye, I could see the lone barman darting around both inside and outside of the bar, serving drinks, taking orders and clearing tables. He was frantic with activity. His face was taut and serious. I looked around and all the remaining tables were busy and people were coming in and coming out of the restaurant. I was enjoying the activity as I eagerly waited for my drink to arrive.

Mr. Lovely was as long-suffering and as handsome as ever and I was having fun teasing him, especially as I couldn’t stop talking. (BTW I always feel sorry for him when I get wired and talkative it’s not a pleasant experience…kind of like I can hear my consciousness on live stream without my permission)

Then it happened. The barman appeared. He hurriedly cleaned our table and aggressively told us we would have to leave if a larger party than us came in for a meal. He didn’t look us in the eye. He didn’t smile. He was serious, aggressive, angry and to be fair looked worn out.

My deliciously large glass of Merlot sat in front of me waiting to be savored and the idea we had of having a restful and playful time in the bar seemed to want to disappear with every recollection of the barman’s attitude.

My state of mind started to wander precariously and thoughts swam around my head of confronting the barman about his less than welcoming attitude. Thoughts of, “Perhaps I should leave the glass of Merlot on the table and walk out without paying?” Perhaps if Mr. Lovely’s coffee didn’t arrive in the next millisecond we should leave abruptly. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..

These thoughts swirled around in my consciousness for moment or two and I traveled in time to thoughts of a larger party arriving and refusing to leave until I had finished my drink and yet as busy as my mind was I felt absolutely no desire to do anything of it. I could see my thoughts in action but there was no connection to wisdom inspiring me to take any kind of action.

I was being given an invitation yet again to see how my mind works through the brilliant gifts of mind, thought, and consciousness.

And here is the thing as Mr. Lovely and I saw our humanness we also witnessed how the barman was in a really low mood and was using his gifts of mind, thought and consciousness to feel bad and give himself a hard time which he couldn’t see he was sharing rather generously with others. When I know I am in that state of mind I have learned to keep my mouth shut and my hands in my pockets…. no kidding!!!!

Other people in the bar were becoming annoyed at him but to us, he was simply wrapped up in his thoughts.
We felt no anger, malice or grievance against him as we can see that that state of mind is only ever one thought away for any of us.

According to the Three Principles, we are experiencing life through the medium of our own thoughts. They paint a picture and Consciousness brings this to life in our experience. So when we were present to notice the barman, we were able to feel a connection and have understanding and compassion for the fact that he was simply lost in thought.

That is the promise of the Three Principles – when we see that our experience comes from the formless principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, then we can be present and awake to the everyday miracles of life that surround us and understand anyone’s company no matter how they show up.

Isn’t that an incredible opportunity to fall more deeply into our humanness and that of others too?

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Until next time

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you,

All my love,

Jacquie Forde RGN RM

Three Principles Coach Consultant Trainer Speaker

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