The Natural Flow of Thought

Spiritual wisdom lives within the consciousness of all living creatures-
Sydney Banks, The Missing Link,p.127

There have been a number of occasions in my life when I have been so upset and distressed that I would have willingly sold my soul to see something more clearly. Times when I have been in such emotional pain that nothing made sense to me. Moments when life didn’t look like fun anymore.

And for sure I know I am not alone in that kind of thinking.

We can get lost in that dark, depressive thinking consciously or unconsciously living in a low state of mind. The good news is we don’t have to suffer thinking in that way. We don’t have to take a vacation, change job, change partner, location, situation and lifestyle just to feel better and to get away from thinking that upsets us. There is no need to go back into your past and analyse what went well or what went wrong. The best thing about the past is it is over, merely thoughts carried across time.

All living creatures have the ability to experience deep lasting change through insight or wisdom. To see life more clearly. Often this deeper glimpse of life appears as a flash of understanding either with or without content. In my experience, I see something that makes sense and then it disappears. I have no need to chase the insight to understand or see more. I simply let it do whatever it is meant to do and get to witness old habits and thought patterns dissolve and disappear effortlessly in their own time. There is real power behind these moments of insight and often they happen very quickly.

But why is it we can feel when we really want to have clarity on something it eludes us and can appear to be outside of our grasp?

Truth is is that insight never eludes us. It is there waiting to guide us. Our sanity comes and goes as our state of mind fluctuates throughout the day. When we are doing something we enjoy we forget about our problems and at this point, we can often have a shift in perspective which makes our problems seem more manageable.

Some people listen to music, I love to drive, and as I drive my mind shifts into another gear allowing thought to move and disappear.

In my nonprofit, I have almost completed a study of 100 women who have been given a diagnosis of mild to moderate depression by their clinicians and who are also taking anti depressives. What I have come to fully recognize is that a depressed patient is never fully depressed 100% of the time. The natural state of our mind fluctuates.I’m looking forward to sharing the results of this study soon.

My grandmother and mother were diagnosed as having depression. one was diagnosed as having a reactive depression and the other an endogenous depression.

The term reactive depression is a category of clinical depression. It refers to an inappropriate state of depression that is precipitated by events in the person’s life (to be distinguished from normal grief) arising as a consequence of severe life events.

Endogenous depression (melancholia) is an atypical sub-class of mood disorder, major depressive disorder (clinical depression). Endogenous depression occurs due to the presence of an internal (cognitive, biological) stressor instead of an external (social, environmental) stressor.

What fun psychological theories to describe someone who has depressive thinking. (Please feel the movement in that last sentence. Depressed versus depressive thinking. Fixed versus a natural flow)

They both came out of it in their own time with or without medical intervention and medication. Their minds cleared and they became healthier psychologically. I knew my mother was not stuck in a depressive state 100% of the time because when we came to visit her with the kids she always perked up, found her sense of humour and got down on the floor and had fun with the girls. Her moods flowed and this gave me great comfort knowing that depression is a concept that is not fixed or stuck. It is simply a misunderstanding of how our experience of life is being created in the moment that can cause biological changes in the body.

Often when we have too much time on our hands we can tune into our thinking and take ourselves way too seriously. I don’t recommend it.

When people are in a state of mind that encourages them to process old memories from data in their brains they will find it difficult to change how they see life. Once they see that all thought is in itself neutral and it is only our consciousness that brings our thoughts to life they begin to become more relaxed about their experience of life.

Watch how your state of mind fluctuates throughout the day and how invested you can become in your thoughts as they flow through you.

Until next time

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you,

All my love,

Jacquie Forde RGN RM


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