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Unashamedly Human - The School

The Unashamedly Human School is an incredibly helpful online program specifically designed to help you get rid of any unwanted habits, addictions, anxiety or depression you have been experiencing. A program that teaches you an incredible new psychological understanding that will help you overcome what you want to overcome without relying on having to white knuckle your way through it.

The Unashamedly Human School will share with you a revolutionary new paradigm in mental health that is healing hearts and minds globally helping people to finally understand the relationship between their thoughts and feelings, specifically; how to navigate them without burning yourself out or fighting your way through them.

Who is The Unashamedly Human School For?

The school is for anyone who wants to know more about how to become Unashamedly Human: to not be afraid of their own thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is for anyone who is suffering and finally wants to be rid of any habits, addictions, depression or eating disorders. It is for anyone who has seen and experienced the currently available strategies, techniques and approaches which have not put an end to their own problems and feel they want to try something new.

some of the topics we cover...


The Unashamedly Human School teaches you how your mind actually works with a fresh new approach that helps you understand the connection between your thoughts and feelings which helps you become less caught up in ruminating and taking your thoughts seriously believing them to be facts instead of information which is simply passing through your mind. What is taught in The Unashamedly Human School helps all forms of anxiety and depression whether that be anxiety, OCD, rumination or phobias once and for all.

Eating Disorders
I have helped countless people over the years recover from all forms of eating disorders through my coaching programs and intensives and wanted to add this specific program to the Unashamedly Human School  to be able to help lots more people quickly. I myself have suffered from various eating disorders throughout my life from anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, emotional eating and a constant lack of control around food at various points and stages in my life. I understand what you are going through.

What I have come to see is it has never been about food, it never was. It was always about trying to fix a feeling and self soothe myself. I can see that in my clients too. Learning to understand how you actually work as a human being through this new and simple understanding I teach and share will help you see that far more clearly and deeply than you have ever seen it before.

Eating Disorders

Habits & Addictions

Habits & Addictions
The understanding that is shared in The Unashamedly Human School will help you see that despite the plethora of habits and addictions in the world that they all originate from the same source. A simple misunderstanding of how our minds work and specifically the true nature of thought.

Over the years I have worked with gorgeous souls who have innocently misunderstood  their human experience and developed all sorts of unwanted habits and addictions to help them cope or deal with life. In the Unashamedly human School I will guide you towards understanding a new and fresh way to experience life without the need for these unwanted habits and addictions.There is a commonality in the way every human being experiences life and I want to share that with you in the school to help you finally rid yourself of your unwanted habits and addictions forever.

How much does The Unashamedly Human School Cost?

The investment for joining The Unashamedly Human School is £497 for lifetime access to all the video lessons as well as support from Jacquie and her mentees and coaches for the duration of the course.

“Spirituality isn’t fancy it’s ordinary”

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