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Recognising Thought

“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”
― Sigmund Freud

I have noticed that sometimes people get stuck in the concept of thought recognition. I see this all the time with my family, clients, friends and my very human self .

It is such fun to start exploring to see if they can tell the difference between thought recognition and what they are actually thinking about (The Content of Thought versus the Principle of Thought ).

One has the capacity to stir up all sorts of emotions and the other is the key to a more peaceful mind.

An example that comes to mind is of a client who believed that when he had thoughts about food he had to attend to them urgently like his life depended on them being fulfilled. This resulted in him being very overweight and making some very unhealthy choices most of the time.

Let’s break this down……He recognised and saw his thoughts as urgent so he was experiencing thought recognition. Through the conditioned mind he believed he always had to do something about those thoughts so he was permanently in struggle with the content of thinking.

I encouraged him to become curious about the principle of thought rather than the content of what he was thinking across all areas of his life not just the food related thoughts.

Every human being has an abundance of thought every single day, in fact 60-70,000 thoughts will pass through you daily with the vast majority of them being on repeat.

As he became curious about the principle of thought his awareness increased giving him vital breathing space to see that he had simply become entrenched in a pattern of believing his thoughts rather than his thoughts giving him factual information.

We all do this with unconscious programming that is highly invisible to us that we act out the thoughts rather than witness the mechanism or process by which it is happening.

As the principle of thought became more visible to him and he witnessed how the fluctuating state of his mind impacted his investment on the thoughts he developed a hearty sense of humour instead of a hearty appetite.

There was nothing for him to do except notice noticing how thoughts of food had the potential to seduce him more in a lower state of mind. In this state of consciousness he was able to have thought recognition without becoming involved in the content of what he was thinking.

There was no egoic struggle ….simply a surrendering to what is….the principle of thought in action.

He lost over 6 stone …..effortlessly.

During my next online course starting on Tuesday November 17th at 7pm UK time we learn more about the principle of thought in our every day lives in order to help us live more productive and happy lives without struggle.

I hope you will join me.

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