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My eldest daughter has a Psychology degree and is currently doing a 12-month post-grad training to be a primary school teacher. She has no formal training of the principles, has not read any books, attended any formal trainings, and as far as I know has not listened to one of Syd Banks CDs.

She is working just now on a placement in a primary school in a class of children who are in primary 4 which makes them 8 or 9 years of age. Part of the new Scottish education system called, “Curriculum for Excellence ” requires that the children learn about their feelings.

Last week the children learned about sadness from their main teacher and she was an observer. She noticed the children becoming upset about the topic of sadness and from her heart shared what she knew to be true.

She told this class of upset little children that they were only ever one thought away from happiness. The children and the main teacher heard something and immediately their moods became lighter and the class buzzed with a beautiful feeling.

Next week she will as a student-teacher be leading the lesson on anger and already she has come up with a concept that will gently teach the children how their minds work from a principles perspective that will allow them to observe anger and choose a path of responsiveness instead of reactivity. She discussed her ideas with her mentor teacher and has been given permission to share what she knows to be true.

That’s all any of us need to do to share this understanding. Share what you know to be true from your heart, in your own words and then let go of any attachment to what you just have shared. You cannot unlearn what you know to be the truth.

I’m sharing this story to illustrate that there is no right or wrong way to share the principles. I have never formally taught my daughter what I know BUT I have lived from this space and we have had gentle loving conversations about life. She has seen and heard what was right for her in any given moment or conversation. I converse, speak publicly and write simply about this understanding because simplicity and a nicer way to live life is what I am experiencing and therefore what I can share with love and certainty.

Consider this….

What if we all took action from a place of nonjudgement and instead of analyzing and judging ourselves we recognized that we all have a contribution to make and are willing to be that contribution to others?

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you.

All my love,


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