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“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You have to go out there and kick ass” – Maya Angelou

But do we really have to kick ass? What if we could just show up as ourselves with the ability to stop the incessant chatter of our minds and just give ourselves permission to be who we are in any given moment of time – No matter who that person is?

In moments of my life, I have been strong and kicked ass when every part of me was screaming inside to be gentle and kind. I have worked in corporate environments where love and kindness were viewed as weakness and often I didn’t follow my instinct for fear of being ridiculed.

How often do we do that as women? We override our natural instincts and second guess ourselves whether that incessant chatter is about a relationship that isn’t going well, a boss who is unkind and abusive, money worries or concerns or thoughts about our mothers. We don’t listen to our own wisdom from a place of gentleness but from a place of fear or unworthiness.

I have lived most of my life from that space and accomplished and created a beautiful life but it was a space of depleted energy and habits that have kept me from being who I truly am but who I thought I was supposed to be.

I am a mother and a wife celebrating 25 years of marriage this year. I have three daughters who amaze me daily. They are tenacious and clever, thoughtful mostly but more than anything I love about them is their ability to listen quietly to their gut to know what they are to do next. They don’t need me to give them answers. They already know everything themselves.

I know to most this sounds strange, a professional woman encouraging others to listen to their instinct and a mother informing you that your children don’t need you to have all the answers in life. But trust me it’s refreshing and empowering for my daughters, my clients, and for myself.

I found my own wellbeing. I found that my wellbeing is not in another person, a salary, a job, a boss, a lover, a contract, a relationship. I found that my wellbeing resides wholly and unequivocally within ME.


No one or anything can take that from me, ever.

You see …..I learned about three fundamental principles that apply to every human being that we were not taught. Simply put it is through a new paradigm in the understanding of how we work psychologically that we begin to enjoy more of life and suffer less at the hands of our thinking.

I am delighted to be speaking at the Women’s Wellbeing Conference in London on February 11th and 12th this year with colleagues who also have found the trick to living a resilient and happier life no matter what the world throws at us.

Please use my discount code JF15 to get a 15% discount on your ticket price and book yourself a seat to the best glimpse of how you actually work as a human minus the Bull**** .

Book your ticket here

Real women, real lives and real wellbeing!!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Take care, be naughty and let life live through you

All my love


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