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Episode 004

Last week was such fun. I spoke at the Tuesday Intro Class at the Innate Health Centre in London and was completely blown away when Terry Rubinstein asked me to facilitate a Practitioner Training day on the Wednesday. I had a blast on both days with some incredibly wonderful people. I am always honoured and humbled when people ask me to train, present or speak at their events.

But I have a secret…..I firmly believe that I don’t know anything that you don’t already know!!

My business friends really tell me off for saying that. They believe that the above statement is a one-way ticket to failure for a Coach and Consultant to say out loud.
I don’t care…it’s the truth and for the record it has never hindered my potential to attract clients ! You see I may have had different experiences and adventures and lived a longer or a shorter timespan than you and worked in different professions and have different qualifications but what binds us together is “This Being Human”.

What if you dropped who you thought you are meant to be to just be who you really are?

People seem to love how I show up, they enjoy the humour, wisdom, authenticity and honesty I bring to any discussion and begin to see very clearly and quickly that because I see there is nothing separating us then effortless, deep and transformational conversations frequently occur. People begin to drop down into what makes them human without all the erroneous thinking that keeps us stuck in life and business.

I know with certainty that the greatest gift I have received from understanding the principles behind life is that I am no longer scared to be me or to have any of my experiences. This was huge for me because I was one of those people who glided along life like a swan, looking elegant and graceful on the outside but I was paddling furiously underneath it all just trying to make sure everything turned out to be what I considered RIGHT !!!!

At times I was innocently scared, worried and fearful of life. I buried difficult experiences deeply into my subconscious mind but they always show up in one form or another via addictive habits and sabotage behaviours to name a few human distractors.

But there is another way to live life, a way that doesn’t require
control or fear.

A way that allows us to see where our experience of life is coming from which is not our circumstances or the events that unfold or happen in front of us but simply how we think about these events or circumstances. Since time began innocently we have thought everything worked the other way. For example if my car breaks down it must be the fact that my car has broken down that has caused me to feel upset or if my kid isn’t keeping their room tidy it must be the fact that their room is untidy and they are ignoring me that is keeping me upset and angry.


It is the simple fact that you THINK that is making you feel anything in any given moment. Our thoughts affect our feelings not the other way round.
And once you see this simple fact of life this being human thing becomes simpler to navigate and easier to enjoy, irrespective of our circumstances.

Rumi says that every experience, every situation and person that comes into your life is here to guide and teach us to become more human. Syd Banks told us that life is a contact sport and I want to tell you that life is here for us to live fearlessly.
This being human thing is a marvelous adventure, full of laughter, giggles, love, upset, birth, death, illness, wellbeing, success and failure. But boy what a trip it becomes when we understand where our experience of life is coming from.

Go do it – live life !!!!

With Love

Jacquie Forde

Coach Mentor Trainer

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