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Menopause Laid Bare

May 14th 2024

Episode 019

Crossing The Threshold into Our Divine and Spiritual Nature

If a teacher is indeed wise, he/she does not bid you enter the house of his/her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
Khalil Gibran

Last week I attended and presented at the 3PGC conference in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful conference filled with love, friendship and wisdom in many guises from souls from all over the globe. We shared stories, laughed, cried and established friendships new and old as we crossed the threshold into the essence of our true nature, together as one.

In all religions and spiritual paths crossing a threshold is a sacred opportunity to become enlightened. A threshold is a doorway between worlds, a mystical border between the divine and the ordinary. For me, that was my experience of the 3PGC conference, I crossed yet another threshold in my understanding of life as I talked with and listened to speakers and attendees alike.

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