Episode 095
Be Courageous with Andrea Morrison

Join me this week for an inspiring conversation with Andrea Morrison as she discusses her story and how her life has improved since coming across the simple understanding I share in The Unashamedly Human Podcast.

Andrea Morrison is a Transformational coach, Tedx speaker and writer. Her journey into personal development started quite a number of years ago when she was at a stage when she had completely burnt out and had developed Chronic Fatigue. At that time she had been a practicing Barrister for nearly 10 years, had a busy UK based practice specializing in Employment Law. It was her dream career and one that she had fought for as a mature student. But she was very stressed working really long hours, her life was completely out of balance, her confidence was probably at it’s lowest ebb.

Initially, she blamed the job, so she changed it and became a University Tutor, believing that this move would solve many of the personal difficulties I had faced. However, whilst it did in some respects, many aspects of my mindset that had dominated my career at the Bar, were still there.

So she started her own business, but it soon became apparent that if she wanted my life to change she had to understand how she worked, her mindset, otherwise she was going ever to get more of the same.

She then spent the following years training in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, when she was introduced to a simple understanding, founded by the late Sydney Banks, who’s teachings impacted her so intensely, and had such a positive effect on all aspects of her life (including her business) that she is now passionate about sharing it with others. She has a special interest in mentoring professional women (both employed and self-employed) who are feeling overstretched with competing demands, lack confidence, or feel confident in one area of their life but not another, feel guilty or feel that they are simply not good enough. www.https://andreamorrison.co.uk/

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